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‘Rural Remote and Rewarding‘ - Renee Bogaerts :

‘Rural Remote and Rewarding‘ - Renee Bogaerts :

November 10, 2021

Meet Renee, this business savvy Independent woman,  brought her first home at 25!  

Renee lives in country South Australia, and leads her very success business from a farm and offers the Intimo service to regional women who wouldn't normally have access to this quality of underwear. This amazing woman took the plunge to leave her 9-5 role once she realised how much potential the Intimo business model had.

Renee's clients love that our range is suitable for teens through to older women, and this is what has helped her build a loyal following over the years. She is passionate about women's financial independence, and loves the freedom, flexibility and career development she has been exposed to.

Join us on this heartfelt chat about Renee's business journey; let her inspire you as she has done to so many. She walks the talk in showing how to dig deep and trust your instinct to make big things happen! 


Where to find Renee

Insta @reneebras_bogaerts

 FB – Renee’s Brand Ambassadors Group


‘The Lucky Life I Lead‘ Nicole

‘The Lucky Life I Lead‘ Nicole

October 27, 2021

Meet West Coasts Nicole Rowbottam, it's all the choices and the connections

Nicole is all energy and motivation and is a source of inspiration, this is her business story, meet the women behind the brand..

From Executive PA to running a bra business for 6 years and counting,  that simplifies the way women shop for their lingerie, she's a service provider,  not a sales woman and it's a business that's all heart.

Not only does Nicole share how her connections to other women makes them feel good, but the difference the brand makes to a woman's life and self confidence.   It's about embracing and celebrating women for who they are, it's about the community, belonging and surrounding yourself with the right people.  

Nicole leads with her heart, she all about connections and truly values the importance of her on personal growth and development and how that impacts her own family and her own community of girlfriends and their families.  
Enjoy to listening to Nic’s story she is all passion and you can understand why she is so successful in a business that she loves,  that makes a huge difference to the way women feel about themselves.
Where to find Nicole

Insta – intimatelystyled  

FB –  


Where to Find Philippa :
Instagram: @philippa.aslanis
Facebook philippa.aslanis


‘That‘s when I fell in love with the brand‘ Loretta

‘That‘s when I fell in love with the brand‘ Loretta

October 6, 2021

Loretta Mitchell
Rural, Remote and Rewarding.  Loretta was looking for comfortable bras and living in a small regional town in Far North Queensland with a population of 7,000 there were no options for her to go bra shopping or even have a bra fitting, then she found Intimo.

Loretta was so impressed with the service,  the quality and fit of the bras she partnered with Intimo and became a Bra Fit Specialist.  For the past 9 years Loretta has been able to offer women inside a 50,000km radius the luxury of a bra fitting and became the solution to so many regional women's bra shopping needs.

Then, Covid hit in March 2020 and Loretta quickly embraced the change and pivoted her business to virtual fittings and she found she was able to reach more women not only in her area but women all over Australia who had never experienced the Intimo brand before.  Loretta has continued to offer the virtual fit experience over the past 19 months which has allowed her to reach new levels in her business.  
I love Loretta's passion, you can hear it in her voice she truly wants to help other women feel good everyday.

Why not book a virtual fit with Loretta and experience the service and the most comfortable bras you will ever wear 

You can connect with Loretta

FB – Loretta’s VIP Bra Boutique 106372   -  

Find Loretta on Insta

There are no limits - Nadeane Rees

There are no limits - Nadeane Rees

September 20, 2021

There are no limits to what you can do with your life. Nadeane was a social worker and decided to become a bra fitting specialist, despite never having had a bra fitting! Insta on FB 

Women Behind the Brand

Women Behind the Brand

September 19, 2021

"The Women behind the Brand" series connected by a bra.... and thats only the beginning. This compelling and heart-centered podcast showcases the magnificent women from all over Australia who are behind the Life and Style Collective. Listen to their powerful stories, feel their passion, hear how they followed their heart in a business that impacts the way women feel about themselves every day…the gift of self worth, positive body image, body confidence and female advancement.

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